Clean Up Your Garage with Garage Storage Solutions from an Award-Winning Professional Organizer

By Adding Garage Shelving and Garage Cabinets That Fit Your Hobbies​

The garage space is very specific to the person using the space.  What you store in your garage is as unique as you are. Some want a workbench to do some odds and ends fixing around the house.  Others would prefer closed garage cabinets for storage of sports equipment and seasonal decorations. However you use your garage storage space we can help you design a solution for it.

We use a ¾ inch material. We suggest flat material and not textured material because storage with textured material can build up dirt and prove difficult to clean. We also use an omni track storage system. It has lots of different options for hanging bikes, golf clubs, skis, garden tools and more.

Our Process

We come in for a free consultation and work with your design ideas and customize your garage storage space to fit your needs. We always ask your input and work best for you. We also ask for your feedback and take measurements to customize.

How much does a garage customization cost?

  • Our pricing starts at $3500 and up depending on your cabinets and what you need to organize in your garage.
  • We offer a free quote/consultation, with no hidden fees.

Garage Ideas

Build garage storage cabinets.

If your garage still does not have any form of cabinetry and you are storing items in boxes on the floor, then it is high time you build garage cabinets. These are a must for every garage. Having a formal storage cabinet will help in keeping your garage organized.

Garage storage shelves.

Your walls are great for space saving. Always think cabinets, but you can also hang items to your walls by using hooks. This removes clutter on the floor while keeping everything visible. 

All our garage cabinet systems have adjustable feet that help protect your investment from ground moisture. They also assist with balancing your cabinets on uneven garage floors. If you are looking for the right high-end cabinet system to enrich the look of your garage’s interior and complement where you park your vehicle look no further than Calgary Custom Closets.

Garage Frequently Asked Questions

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

Garage cabinets should be off the ground for ease of sweeping, cleaning.

All of our cabinets are our ¾” Melamine construction.  They are usually supported by the wall behind them and by the floor as we use an adjustable foot. If your boxes sit directly on the floor, they will have issues with moisture. This way you can have them attached to the floor and have them supported well no matter the depth.

How tall are garage cabinets?

Most upper cabinets are 30 inches tall, about 12 in. deep and available in various widths, but you can have them as big as you want.

Before you plan this project, check out your cabinet options at a home center. Most home centers carry several styles of inexpensive standard kitchen cabinets. Other options are unfinished cabinets, which you can paint or stain, or “ready-to-assemble” cabinets that you assemble yourself. With either option, ask for a list of available sizes. For garage use you will need only “upper” cabinets, which in a kitchen typically hang above the countertop. We do make our cabinets in custom sizes as well for the garage, as it’s usually higher than any other room in the house.

What are the garage cabinets made of?

Most are Laminated Surface Cabinets or Metal Cabinets.

Garage cabinets have plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard cores covered with durable melamine or similar plastic laminate surfaces. Some manufacturers also make more lightweight and affordable consumer-grade metal cabinets made from a lighter-gauge metal, often powder-coated in a variety of color choices.

Do all garage cabinets have full backs?

No, not all cabinets have full backs.

The back adds strength and prevents racking but if you are anchoring the cabinetry to the wall, the work will likely be strong enough, depending on how you build it. You will still need some cross members to ensure there is no racking while building, however, but those elements will give you something to fasten to the wall. We use a cabinet style system to assure that the shelving will be supported.

What should I use wire shelving for?

Light to medium items.

They are usually used in closets to hang your clothes, shoes or put up your light storage. They are not for heavy items as the screws are exceedingly small.  This is why we don’t use wire shelves as they pull out of the walls.

What should I hang on my garage walls?

Any type of shelving or cabinet unit that helps you organize your garage and get things off the floor.

Get bulky items off the floor with hook. If hanging shelves is not an option, use metal shelving units, create tool kits with toolboxes and divided containers. Use a pegboard to organize light or small items. Incorporate a workstation to use for projects. Bins help to hide unsightly items and remember to add labels to help organize and find items easily.

What should I store in my garage?

All items you generally use outdoors.

Car supplies such as oil, wiper fluid, tire inflators. Yard and gardening tools, rakes, shovels, hoses. Outdoor toys, pool accessories, bikes etc.

What shouldn’t I store in my garage?

Hazardous materials, items that attract insects and vermin and valuable items.

Always be careful with flammable or otherwise hazardous materials. For instance, keep propane tanks, which can leak and ignite, out of the garage (and other enclosed spaces). Instead, store them outside in a well-ventilated area. Gasoline can be stored in a garage, but make sure to use an appropriate container, and keep it far from ignition sources, as well as children and pets. Insects and vermin are rather good at finding their way into garages, even if you think you have sealed all the holes. So do not tempt them by storing items in your garage that they can make a meal out of or a home in.

What is the best way to organize rakes and shovels in the garage?

Garage storage tubes in the corner or 2-inch PVC pipes and fittings on the roof.

The track system is the best way to store racks and shovels in the garage, they can be mounted to the wall and then put in a hook so the shovel is off the floor and cannot fall.