Our European Sliding Door Systems Make Us One of the Premier Sliding Closet Door Manufacturers and Installers in Calgary

As an exclusive distributor, Calgary Custom Closets is proud to offer Komandor™ fine European sliding door systems. User-friendly and easy to keep clean, we offer a perfect choice of colours and materials combined with the right proportions to give your sliding door system a look which is natural and harmonious while at the same time modern and elegant in any room.

When you purchase Komandor™ doors you can expect to receive the most advanced and reliable materials on the market. All components used are in compliance with the latest product safety standards. The vast assortment of profiles offered, and flexibility of insert possibilities such as wood panels, glass, mirror, rattan etc. allow our customers to choose the best design for every room and to express their individual taste and creativity.

It is a custom product and sizes go up to 110 inches high, it can be customized by height, width style and taste.

Sliding Door Systems from Experienced Design Professionals Allow for More Space In The Home

Our track sliding doors give you limitless possibilities. Our design professionals help elevate the beauty and functionality of a space. Several panels possible for wider openings and ease of operation while offering long term performance.

Our Process

We come in for a free consultation and work with your room or closet on how your sliding doors will look and feel. We always ask for your input and do the work that’s best for you. We also ask for your feedback and take measurements to customize.

How much do our sliding door systems cost?

  • Our pricing starts at $1500 and up depending on which type of door and where it is placed in your home.
  • We offer a free quote/consultation, with no hidden fees.

Why should you choose us?

  • Durability structure and frame used for aeronautics. Easy sliding for any size of door.
  • Unique and personalized design: glass, mirror, acrylic, MDF. Everything is custom-made.
  • No major renovations or wall structures needed: no dust, plaster, and sanding and can be hung without rails on the floor in some applications.
  • The product is custom designed and custom sized
  • Our prices are unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sliding doors better than normal doors?

They have better movement.

Sliding doors would allow better ease of movement when used as door options. Better ventilation: Installing a sliding glass door would mean better air and inside. Space saver: Sliding doors act as space savers in small sitting areas.

When should you use a sliding door?

When a hinge door would be tricky and bulky.

A sliding door is a popular door choice. A sliding door does the same as a regular door for access, but is easier to move and saves space. Sliding door systems open possibilities for interior design, since sliding doors can also be used as room dividers. They are attached to the ceiling and sometimes floor to separate the space.

Why are sliding doors used?

Advantages of sliding doors are that there is almost no room required to open the door.

They are relatively easy to install into a space. The mechanism is also secure since it cannot be lifted out of its hinges.

Are sliding doors worth it?

If you have a large gaping doorway in your home or office, sliding doors are practical and efficient.

They make great use of space and if you ever need to move big items or furniture around, there is no reason to try and squeeze the item through the small door jam or a window.

Are sliding doors a good idea?

They are a modern way to add extra personality to your home.

Sliding doors are stylish. Not only do they look great anywhere, but you will be also enhancing the functionality of your space too.

How do sliding doors work?

Sliding doors work by sliding a door panel along a set of horizontal rails.

All the weight of the door is on the track at the bottom of the doors so the door cannot fall out of the track; weight is a major consideration. That is why all of the weight of the door is put into the floor. The top of the door has wheels horizontally on the top so that they move nicely in the track at the bottom and top.

Do sliding doors save space?

Yes! Sliding doors save space as the door does not need to open out into a room.

Do sliding doors slide both ways?

Sliding doors are flexible with configuration possible in almost every way imaginable. They usually comprise two, three or four panels, of which some will slide either left or right and some will normally be fixed.

Do sliding doors open all the way?

Yes, sliding doors require almost no space to be fully opened.

Sliding doors have the benefit of being on a track, allowing them to glide open and closed quite easily, and do not require much strength.