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We have come out with a new product called the everyday line.  It is perfect for the smaller closet interiors.  We still use the best products that are in the marketplace, but we are launching a more basic option from our custom line.  It is a flat panel closet interior system only.  The savings are considerable as the cost difference between the two system is about 30% less in White.  The new line does not go to the floor, it only comes in white, 14″ deep, 3/4″ thick with 1/2mm edge tape.  We use our same design expertise to design the closets, and our expert team to install the closet.  This can only be used for closet interiors such as kids rooms, Master closets, front and back hall closets, linen closets and Storage.  Cannot be used for Pantry applications or home offices.  It’s a great way to get a quality product on a budget.


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Organize Your Closets on a budget

We are all looking for an inexpensive way to organize the spaces that we have. Well, we have some tips for you, when you are looking at organizing a closet without redoing the closet interior. Here are some quick tips.

1. Make sure when you are putting clothes away you are putting them together with other clothes that are the same. For example all pants should go together, all shirts should go together and all casual clothes should go together. This makes everything easier to find quickly and easily.
2. When storing things on the top shelf get decorative baskets or boxes to use and label the bottom of the basket so there isn’t a big label at the front of the box or basket. You can still see what is in the box once you have it a bit off the shelf. It looks more organized and you will find your things quicker.
3. When stacking the top shelf do not over stack. We say this because when you have clothes stacked 2 feet deep that’s when you need the bottom shirt or sweater. When you take out that shirt or sweater this action can produce the rain of clothes. Then it takes time to put everything back . It’s easier to have your folded clothes not so deep, it’s also more efficient.
4. There are no quick fixes for drawers. Some people put dressers into the closet, I find that it takes out to much space and the hang above will no longer work either.
5. Shelves can be challenging as well retrofitting them into an existing closet system. When builders put in a regular height rod and shelf it’s about 2.5 feet from the ceiling. Therefore any quick fix makes the hanging space quite short for an adult or a teenager. So the hanging space above any quick fix shelf is too short.

If you are looking to put storage into your closet it’s best to have a our professional company come in to discuss your needs in the closet space. It’s also good to have a budget, and share it with the designer. Please let our designers know that you would like to do an inexpensive option.

We are here to work with you and get your needs met in the closet. We do have free in home consultations and we do provide you a design.

We would love to work with you if you are beyond just the quick fixes and tips. Give us a call at 403 251 6400 or fill out the contact us form on the website.

Have a wonderful Spring!

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Organizing your drawers with Calgary Custom Closets

We are forever trying to fit everything into drawers. The idea is that in drawers it is “put away”. With that mind set it seems everything gets put into drawers. It would seem the organized way to go but there are some things to think about when putting clothes into drawers.
 Are your clothes easily accessible in that space?
 Can you find things quickly?
 Is the drawer size what you need for what you are putting in?
 How are you putting things into the drawer?
 Are you going to remember what is where?

These questions can be answered with options that sometimes do not require drawers. The Questions are there for you to think about how you are using your drawers. Are drawers functional if you are using them to put your t-shirts, sweaters and folded pants into? The Answer to that is no. The best way to store your sweater, t-shirts and folded pants is on a shelf. On a shelf you can see all of your t-shirts without having to have dig through a drawer to find out what is on the bottom. The best rule of thumb is that if it falls off, rolls off or looks messy on a shelf it belongs in a drawer. This accounts for under garments, lingerie, pajamas, swimwear, workout clothes, etc. If you still want to have the look of “put away” you can always put doors in front of the shelves to hid the space, but when you open the doors you will still be able to see all of the clothes behind in on glance. Once you have this sorted out then it’s getting the space inside your drawers organized. You can use drawer dividers to organize one drawer for two uses. For instance you can have socks and underwear in the same drawer by dividing the drawer into two different spaces with the divider so that both socks and underwear aren’t floating around in the same drawer. Drawer dividers can also be used to make over sized drawers more useful. Labeling drawers is also a better way of organizing spaces. However putting a label at the front of the drawers will detract from the look of the space. You can put a small label at the top of the drawer box in the interior of the drawer, so it is not noticeable from the front but gives you what you need to know quickly.

Have Fun Organizing


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Baby and Childrens Closets!

This is the time of year when everyone feels the sting of small unorganized children’s rooms closets.  Specifically when changing out the seasonal clothing that no longer fits and putting in new clothes.  We at Calgary Custom Closets have been in the business of closet transformation for the last 10 years, this is something that we can help you with. 

Baby’s and Kids rooms are generally smaller spaces and can be quite taxing getting drawers, crib, change table, bed, bedside tables and a desk all into that space.  Re organizing your closet can get rid of some of the clutter in the room itself.  For instance, by getting rid of a dresser there is more floor space to play in.  This is an easy fix in most kids rooms by just putting the drawers in the closet.  We have an indefinite array of options for this area as we can customize the drawers to fit the space. 

Also adding shelving in to the closet to for books, toys, etc.  this helps take clutter out of the room and can be easily found in the closet. 

The next issue is getting their clothing to where they can access it.  This is done in a variety of ways and is dependent on how old and tall your child is and  what you want them to have access to. 

The best thing about our system is that is completely adjustable.  When your child get older and needs more hang space it’s easy to change the system to fit their needs without taking out everything and starting over again.  So it’s a onetime purchase.

We would love to help you Customize your child’sChildrens Room closet, give us a call or email us and we would love to come out and help you.