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Custom made closets that instantly brighten up your day and are as beautiful as they are functional.

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Interior designer Dayle Sheehan discusses and demonstrates solutions from Calgary Custom Closets.

Welcome to Calgary Custom Closets

Closets can define the space in which you organize yourselves and your lives. Therefore more chaotic a closet becomes the more stressful morning can become. Also the more organized the closet space for your needs the more productive you become first thing in the morning until last thing at night. Let Calgary Custom Closets help you make your space organized and functional.

Maximize your living space. A custom closet system has the ability to maximize your space and make every inch more functional. Thus a single shelf and rod is no longer sufficient. As storage requirements get larger and closets get smaller. It is more important than ever to have a completely functional custom closet design. The addition of a closet organizer to your home often doubles your available closet space.

Personalize your look. Each closet organizer we design is customized to fit your needs while taking advantage of the space available. There are design options in color, style, accessories, and so much more that will allow you to make your custom closet an expression of yourself. We will provide you not only with style, but the quality to back it up. Only the best materials go into each organizer we create.

“I would highly recommend their services.”

"Lynn was able to stop by my house to give me a quote for my entrance closet. She was polite, knowledgeable & came up with a drawing right away. The quote was very reasonable and the completed work turned out great. I would highly recommend their services."
Debbie H.

Lasting Quality

Our closets are made to last.  They are designed and installed by seasoned professionals.

Incredible Variety

We have a number of different fits and finishes for every budget and every taste. When you work with one of our designers they will show you what we have to offer.

Custom beauty

You can be sure your new closet will look and feel how you like. With the help of our design team.

Our Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of closets is to visit our store. Follow your style and choose the style that best matches your taste.

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